Winnow in the time of Covid-19


Dear reader, Wherever you are, we hope this message finds you well. We know that this is a time when people are not thinking about travel and that our focuses are on far greater concerns. Though today the idea of exploring the world may feel distant, we will travel again.

We have always believed our purpose is to help you dream and create memories, handpicking providers for whom this is their passion. Now, we have worked with our brilliant community of providers to give you the opportunity to be inspired and to experience the world from the safety of your own homes.

Here is what Winnow is doing to support you and our providers over the next few months:

  • Your home, the destination: Private classes, workshops and tours all to be experienced at home via digital experiences all available on the site 

  • The silver lining: Stories from our providers giving you a glimpse into their worlds

  • Close to home: While for now we urge everyone to stay home and stay safe - we will soon venture out. When that time comes, we will be providing experiences in your area

  • Gift certificates with no expiration date

  • A space and platform to support and connect our providers

The safety and health of both our guests and our providers is our greatest priority at, should you have any questions on past, present or future experiences and the impact of COVID-19 please contact us at [email protected] 

Stay safe, 

The Founders

Alison and William

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